40+ Illinois Slogans

Carrying Lincoln’s legacy

Magnificient mile at Illinois

Illinois, Lincoln’s land

Slogans On Illinois1

Be less annoyed at Illinois

The land to Iowa’s gateway

Illinois, the garden state

Do not pronounce the “S” with Illinois

A diversified state

Slogans On Illinois2

The land with ethanol produce

The land for corn farmers

Inland Empire State

Right Here. Right Now

Illinois: the ‘s’ is silent

Slogans On Illinois3

Only Morons Pronounce the “S”

Illinois: Gateway to Iowa

Illinois Won’t Annoy You

Mile After Magnificent Mile

Illinois: america’s gut

Slogans On Illinois4

Surprisingly diverse

Illinois won’t anois you

We produce more nuclear energy and ethanol than anyone else

Elegancy is the heritage of Illinois

The State of transparency

The courage in the heart of the people

The beacon of the music

Transparent with energy, power and the soul

Bright lights are found on the wind energy Chicago

Luminous and powerful people lives in city of Chicago

Unclouded with highly educated mass

Free from all the barriers

Saga of the development

The city shining with the newness

Myths, spirituality charms the state since the ages

Flaws with dynamics of the wind energy

The Chicago discovered the Wind energy

Illinois has unearthed the wind technology to the world

Easy to perceive, clear to live

Development, evolution and transfiguration

Fluxed with heritage, evolved with tech

Mutation and transmutation technical spheres

Vicissitude are enthusiasm in the soil of the city

Buoyancy and perkiness images the classy whites

Sprightliness and strength always been in Illinois

Stamina and mightiness makes the Illinois

Potency and dynamism drive the state

Pushes and zips everyone to do invest

Zing pep and pizzazz culture punches in the State

Bounce and fizz, Yes Its Illinois

Vim and vigor of modern tech

Partnership in every community in Illinois

Keen acute minded people resides here

Penetrating the best skills into the universe

An end to discrimination started from Illinois

Complete full surcharge of energy

Kingdom of knowledge, business, music

Melodious state with the stylish people

Opera is in the soul of the Illinois

Piece of sandwiches, relax in Illinois

Have some luxury dinner here in Illinois

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