50+ Oklahoma Slogans

Oklahoma is OK

Buckle of the Wheat Belt

Land of the Red Man

Slogans On Oklahoma3

Everything is OK in Oklahoma

We chase and eat what other states run from

Oklahoma’s Historic Capital

OKIE Dokie

Home of the International Cow Chip Throw

Slogans On Oklahoma4

Watermelon Capital of the State

We have been Outrunning Twisters since 1889

Golden Buckle of the Wheat Belt

Home of Woody Guthrie

Heart of the World’s Largest Peanut

Slogans On Oklahoma5

Ok for Oklahoma

A paradise to the boomers

Everything is ok if you are in Oklahoma

Find watermelons in abundance

The land to the native Americans

What Happened At Oklahoma Thats Fairy Tale Land They Had Great Talent There Already

Oklahoma, the sooner state

The land of the wheat belt

Chase and eat anything at Oklahoma

To outrun Twisters at Oklahoma

The home to Guthrie

Oklahoma Is The Cultural Center Of The Universe Quote 1

Oklahoma assistances to grow, widens the scope

Helpfulness towards humanity can be found in state

The state helps the helpless to grow over here

Helping hands holding the warmth of State

Aid and progress are mirror of State Oklahoma

Slogans On Oklahoma1

Abidance nature helps everyone to gain the wealth

Support are awesome in the state Oklahoma

Baking cakes, singing evenings, music invites us

Contribution to collaboration is magnificent

All people are working together unitedly

Slogans On Oklahoma2

Joint action creates a proud state

Combined effort always rises the value of the city

Teamwork, fellowship brands the State

Mutual support assembles the tales herein Oklahoma

Partnership constructs the roadmaps of Oklahoma

If You Don T Like The Weather In Oklahoma Wait A

Love and friendship on every buffet calls the world

Coopetition and coordination holds the state

Liaison with chilled talents, sky of hopes

Association and passion shines in Oklahoma

Synergy grits the unity and the concurrence

Concorde in the wind generation

Accorded the harvesting culture

Understanding with planning makes it richer

Give and take, Oklahoma makes rages the rich

Never compromised to create the class

Deal to crack, fun to make, state to live

Relations make, Shake the glass hot coffee

Coaction with folks, Dinner in the milk bar, owe in it

Oklahoma attracts happiness and the elegance

Lured with sports, cares the sports culture

Entice with gleaming state and booming state

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