50+ Anti-Fur Slogans

Compassion is the fashion.

Fur is not a fabric.

Fur hurts.

Anti Fur 1

Get a feel for fur. Slam your hand in a car door.

Cruelty is one fashion statement we can do without.

Fake for the animals sake.

Anti Fur 2

Fur is beautiful on animals, ugly on people.

Don’t buy, while they die.

Going fur-free is the winning formula!

Love animals, don’t wear them

Anti Fur 3

Fur looks best on its original owner

Don’t waste these cute furs

It’s barbaric to rip off fur

Fur is for the animal, not you

Wear what suits you

Don’t kill in the name of fashion

Fur is no style for style

Anti Fur 4

Fur is fun only on animals

Cuddle the animals with fur

Animals are my friends and I don’t wear my friends

Cruelty is one fashion statement we can do without

are clothes to kill for?

Real people wear fake fur

Anti Fur 8

Fake for the animals sake

Fur belongs to the animal that was wearing it first

Killing for recreation is obscene

Fur is not fair

Avoid getting caught in the fashion TRAP, Don’t wear fur

Never wear anything that panics the cat

I rather go naked than wear fur- Peta

Anti Fur 5

Give a hoot, give fur the boot

Fur is not fashion, it’s barbaric against animals

Because your wisdom can save animals

So, fur is definitely not cool.

You will never look elegant by killing an innocent life

You wear their skin when they trust you?

When will you stop this?

Anti Fur 6

Animal fur is not for fashion

Why kill for fashion when you already have so much

It’s their body; understand

Humans will wax their hair and wear animal hair; Irony

Winter and cold is for both human and animals

Fur fashion is cruelty

Because fur protects them, it is not for you.

Anti Fur 7

Fur is an inhuman fashion statement

Use technology instead of fur

Animals are beautiful with fur

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