50+ Slogans Against Alcohol

Say no to alcohol.

Quitting alcohol is accolade worthy

Loose booze, don’t booze and loose.

Anti Drinking 1

Drunkenness is temporary suicide.

Partying doesn’t mean drinking alcohol

Come with me and be Alcohol free.

Anti Drinking 2

One day at a time.

Alcohol leads to all evils

Don’t get drowned into liquor

Anti Drinking 3

Drinking and Driving: a Grave Mistake.

Alcoholism secludes you

Be a determined non alcoholic

Anti Drinking 4

Arrive alive, Don’t drink and drive.

Alcohol addiction is worst a human can do to himself

Wine brings out the red in you.

No drinking perfect thinking

Alcoholism: dependency on Alcohol

Quit alcohol not your loved one’s

Leave alcohol to avoid getting left out

Drinking is like committing suicide

Pregnant? Don’t drink.

Everything legal is not good

Driving hammered will get you nailed.

Life can take you higher than alcohol.

You are worthy, Don’t let alcohol destroy you

Stop drinking vodka, prefer clean water

Rethink your third drink.

Life is beautiful since I followed no alcohol rule

Live young avoid drinking

I only have a NO for you, alcohol

Time to decline wine.

Boozing leads to loosing

Drinking is injurious to health

Say NO to Alcohol

Stop boozing to stop loosing

Got beer? Get out please

Create a life more exciting than alcohol

Be a thinker not a drinker.

Avoid alcohol, consciousness is fun

Be loyal to yourself and your family, not to alcohol

Quit for your healthy future.

Drinking and driving is unrecoverable

Strong man don’t drink

Consuming alcohol means calling death

To stay out of the slammer, don’t get hammered.

Start quitting alcohol for a day to quit it for lifetime

Drunk driving is a killer disease.

Love yourself , leave alcohol

Save relations, stay non alcoholic

Must do the things you think you can’t do.

Live healthily

Sober is cool

Try being sober

Rehab is not bad

You booze, you lose

Beat the addiction

Get over it

Alcohol makes you weak

Alcohol leads to problems

Alcohol man’s worst enemy

Drinking is injurious to health

Drinking is deadly

Drinking damages physically and mentally

Advocating drinking is insanity

Drunkenness leads to numbness

Alcohol: moments of happiness & lifetime sadness

Drinking is disgusting

No drinking perfect thinking

Quit alcohol before drowning into it

Drinking and driving is unrecoverable

Sobriety is my preference

Drunkenness means intentionally harming yourself

Quit alcohol: save life, money and future

Drinking turns you violent

Drinking is not cool, it’s done by fools

Say NO to Alcohol

Alcoholism is regretful

For good mental health stop drinking

Addiction is self destruction

Alcoholism is escapism from reality

Alcoholic can die or kill for alcohol

Stay alive don’t drink and drive

No alcohol no negative vibes

Start quitting alcohol for a day to quit it for lifetime

Drinking is not a solution, it’s escape

Live life with sobriety

Alcoholic is unpredictable

Control yourself or else alcohol will control you

Alcoholism: dependency on Alcohol

Avoid alcohol, consciousness is fun

Alcoholism is not fun, it’s permanent sadness

Strong people avoid alcohol, weak get addicted

Alcohol gives birth to life’s problems

Alcoholism secludes you

Being sober is being you

Alcohol bring lifetime damage warranty

Alcohol misleads

Alcoholics are self abuser

Anti alcohol is peaceful

Alcoholism means problematic

Quit alcohol save money

Alcohol can’t rule you

Over the Limit. Under arrest.

Kill it before it kills you

Alcohol affects more than just you.

Alcoholism is not fun, it’s permanent sadness

Getting drunk makes your insides junk.

Alcohol, it’s a drug too.

Alcoholism means end of life

You can quit, believe in yourself.

Keep the plug in the jug.

Advocating drinking is insanity

alcohol, more wellness

A tree never hits an automobile except in self-defense.

Time to quit alcohol.

You booze, you cruise, you lose.

Try not place conditions on your sobriety.

Alcohol is a make-you-stupid drug.

Drinking makes you look like a fool.

Sobriety is pride

Drinking alcohol as a teen should not be seen.

Alcohol deserves quitting

Stop harming yourself

Stay healthy stay non alcoholic

Alcohol addiction is a self destruction.

Alcoholics loose their families

Don’t trust a brilliant idea unless it survives the hangover.

One drink is too many and thousand not enough.

Quitting alcohol gift to living

Willingness is the key.

Less drinking, More thinking.

Cut back on alcohol, save money and yourself

Alcoholic is unpredictable

Throw it away before it throws you away.

Worst pleasure as it leads to death

Alcohol drags you down

Alcoholism makes life blurry

While pregnant avoid drinking

Don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle happens.

Drunkenness is madness

Think before each drink

Drunkenness leads to numbness

Alcoholism means problematic life

Boozing is mental illness

Alcohol affects mental and physical health

Don’t drink,read the big book,and go to meetings.

Sobriety is best gift to your family

Rum makes you dumb

Drunk are junk

Keep calm and stop drinking.

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