100+ Awesome Anti-Smoking Slogans

Be A Fighter; Put Down The Lighter.

Stop smoking, or you will be croaking.

Smoking makes your life hell.


Say YES to NO Smoking

You don’t have to smoke to be hot!

Be important, don’t be impotent.

Breathe healthily, live happily.

Anti Smoking Slogans and Posters

Cancer cures smoking.

Kill the cigarettes or they kill you

Smoking thrills but kills.

Quit smoking or die trying.

Anti Smoking Slogans english

Don’t take smoke as a joke

Too much smoke, will leave you broke.

Cigarettes are killers that travel in packs.

Smoking and coughing live together.

Be smart

Smoking is bad and makes your life sad.

Smokers don’t grow old… they die young.

Burn calories, not cigarettes.

Cigarettes burn holes in your pocket.


It’s a matter of your life dude, quit now.

Stop smoking, start Jogging.

Kick it before it kills you.

Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray.

Burn it

Your lungs don’t deserve tar

Don’t let your future go up in smoke.

You can live without it

Say bye to smoking, say hello to life.

Cancer cures smoking

Smoking kills people faster than they think.

Stop smoking before smoke stops you.

Don’t pout, put it out.

Listen, your heart is begging you to quit smoking.

Downloading cancer

He who smokes is not your friend.

That vacant chair…belonged to the expired smoker.

A cigarette is your ticket to death.

Smoke away your bad habits, not lungs.


Hang tough, don’t puff.

Stink. Die.

Health hates smokers.

Don’t be in doubt, just put cigarettes out.

Legal crime

Everyone has a right to clean air.

Stop calling cancer

You smoke and I suffocate.

Get high on success.

One lung at a time

Fitness is better than smoking.

Ditch that pipe, for the sake of your life.

I don’t dig your cig.

Smoke today – Weep tomorrow.

Today’s smoker, tomorrow’s ghost.

Don’t risk your life.

Who says being a quitter is a bad thing?

Listen to your lungs, they are crying.


Be a man, remain a man, don’t smoke.

Cigarette, sexual capacity reducer.

His smoke is my enemy.

Refusing is a better choice.

Sign no smoking

The worls is your oyster , not Ashtray.

Smoking drains you out

Put it out for good

The best day is quitting day.

Smoking gun

Habit is stronger than reason.

Smoking: The most stylish way to cancer.

Please keep smoking. Our planet is overcrowded.

Quit and stay healthy.

Start breathing

Stand up against cigarettes.

Cigarette is the villain of your life.

Love cigarette and become lonely.

Smoking- a doorway to death.

Stop 1

With each cigarette you smoke, you add another nail to your coffin.

Share clean air.

Smoking BATTERS your Health. No-Smoking BETTERS your health.

Smoking is colorful, Black lungs, Yellow teeth.

Stop now

There are better hobbies than smoking.

Smoking is a game, you always lose.

Thousands of people stop smoking every day — by dying.

Your lungs are not Chimneys- Stop smoking.


He died early..he was in hurry…He smoked.

Smoking goes away…my lungs want to breathe every day.

A cigarette is a Fool Man’s tool.

Smokers don’t last long…Wise men do.

Excellent anit smoking ad

Quit smoking…Fly away from the dirty cloud of smoke.

If you smoke, then you are harming yourself.

Tobacco is wacko.

Don’t be a slave of tobacco.

Trash the Ash.

Stop and quit

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