50+ Anti-Weed Slogans

It’s not cool

You don’t need to light up a joint

Joint is not good for health


Say no to marijuana

For a better life

Your life will go nowhere

For a better health

A joint doesn’t matter

Stop for the sake of a better future

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Don’t let it become an addiction

You Know Marijuana? Well You Don’t Wanna

Nobody Wanna Some Marijuana!

Go green but never grow marijuana

Mary Jane ruins the brain

Anti Marijuana Slogans – Save the drama, don’t do marijuana

There Is No Need To Smoke Any Weed 575x431

Save the drama, don’t do marijuana

Keep off the Grass!

Weedy is a greedy

Don’t you wanna stop marijuana

God Made the Herb to Use, Not to Abuse

Marijuana kills, this message is approved by GOD

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Mary Jane causes pain so please abstain!

Marijuana: You use, you lose

Marijuana is harmful for your memory

Pot makes your brain rot, so let’s not

Weed is for dopes

Weed costs you more than money

No Need For Weed 575x431

Be brighter, put down the lighter

Anti Marijuana Slogans – Marijuana kills you slowly

Marijuana kills you slowly

There’s nothing more wrong than hitting that bong

Do a good deed and kill the weed

A good bloke does not smoke

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Drugs are Bad, and your Mom will get mad

anti weed Slogans – Be a good deeder, not a weeder

Be a good deeder, not a weeder

Roll Sushi, Not a Joint

Sing songs and avoid weed

Don’t Do Weed Its for Dweebs.


Come with me and be drug free

Don’t do Pot, your brain will rot

Don’t get high on drugs get high on grades

put the ash in the trash

Weed is not a need

anti drug slogans – An ounce of weed a day takes your life away

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An ounce of weed a day takes your life away

Don’t do weed, do Yoga

Smoking the dope won’t help you cope

You’ll like pot, untill you get caught

Take the lead don’t do weed

Get high on life, not drugs!

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A friend in deed, won’t make you smoke that weed

Are you stoned or just stupid?

I don’t do drugs, I don’t do weed, I just want hugs, that’s all I need

A friend in deed, does not smoke that weed

The only Pot you should be looking for is at the end of the Rainbow

anti smoking slogans – Stop watering the weeds!!


Stop watering the weeds!!

Go green but don’t go for marijuana

Don’t waste your life for getting high for a moment

We don’t prefer pot

Weed is not a friend in need

Going green does not mean growing weed


Keep the grass off

Embrace green but not the one that let you go high

Getting high ain’t cool

Stop smoking weed

Stay away from marijuana

Don’t get high, hope high

Anti Weed Slogans 3

You use it; you lose everything

A pot a day can rot your brain away

To err is human but to weed is beyond reforms

You do it; you are far from saving

Getting higher is not worth it

Cool dudes stay away from marijuana

Anti Weed Slogans 2

A pot can cost you more than money

Be yourself, stop doing marijuana

Go get a life

Be a man of good deeds, not with good weeds.

Stay brighter, avoid the lighter

Put ash inside the trash

Anti Marijuana Slogans 3

You are in ruins

Stay clean

Leaders don’t do weed

Get high on life, man!

Say amen! And keep away from marijuana

A buddy who won’t let you do weed is the friend indeed

Make money not pot

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