40+ Delaware Slogans

A place to be somebody

Better things for better living through chemistry

Blue Hen Chicken State

Delaware Slogans2

Blue Hen State or Blue Hen Chicken State

Dela…who! Dela…what? Dela…where!

Delaware Small Wonder

First and Forgotten

Home of Tax Free Shopping

Slogans On Delaware5

Hunt, Fish, Trade, Live.

It’s good being 1st

It’s Good Being First

Shhhhh don’t tell people in New Jersey about our beaches

Smaller, Faster, Smarter

Slogans On Delaware4

Tax free state

The best beachfront property of the colonies

The first to stand up for the Constitution

Uncle Sam’s Pocket Handkerchief

We Really Do Like the Chemicals in Our Water

Slogans On Delaware3

Where Chemistry Becomes History

Wonderful Delaware

Wow … you’re in Delaware

The first state ever

A state with history

Delaware Slogans1

Great heritage resides here

A state with great lifestyle

Enjoy our beautiful beaches

The true blessings of nature

A short glimpse is not enough

Slogans On Delaware1

Long live Delaware

Be sure to check us out

A great tourist spot indeed

Here we wear pride it’s Delaware

You find diamonds here

Don’t forget Uncle sam’s handkerchief

Ever seen a Blue Hen Chicken; Delaware is the place

They built a new Sweden

There is everything peace and peach

We call it small wonder

Every chemical you know about; it’s the capital of chemical

We are first at everything even in being a state

Small in size, fast in life, and smarter in work

You should celebrate when you are in Delaware

Did you said tax free? Yes, perfect for shopping

Yes! we agree we have chemical water

We are the first never forget that

You are the state of Diamond

Enjoy the corporate life in the corporate capital

Where hens are blue

If you see a blue hen; you are in Delaware then

The best comes first; like as a state

Here we do not need to worry about tax

You get fair share only in Delaware

They stare their maps for hours

Small is convenient; so is Delaware

You can smell what they are cooking in Washington

They jump their way to Washington

DC is just so easy

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