40+ Fast Food Slogans

Real Food for Real People

Where the Road Ends, a Great Burger Begins.

Good Food. Good People. Good Values.

Fast Food 7

Eat what you love, love what you eat.

Come as strangers – leave as friends.

What you crave is what you get.

The fries for your taste buds.

Eat whatever you want.

Fast Food 6

Quality you can taste.

Eat here or at home, but eat our food because our food is good.

Improve your mood with our food.

Eat as much as you can.

Eat once and comes over and over again.

Fast Food 4

Come hungry, leave happy.

We are here to provide you with finger-licking food.

The chickens that you will not forget its taste.

Gather round the good stuff.

Hungry! Then drive away your hunger with our fast-food.

Fast Food 3

Satisfy your hunger pangs and cravings here.

We provide fresh and fried food.

One Taste is All it Takes!

Taking you back to the good ol’ days.

Inspiring Flavors. Feeding Families.

Fast Food 2

Good Food. Good People. Good Values.

Every day, we’re hustlin’ for you.

Because sometimes you just need wings.

Your favorite food gets even better.

The wings. The nostalgia.

Fast Food 1

No need to wing it.

Fast. Fresh. For Real.

Eat all you can

Chicken for your tastebuds

Never too much fries

A chicken nugget is what you need

Food for good mood

Savor the taste

It is cheat day, do not shy away

Driveaway your hunger pangs

Pure. Honest. Local.

Eat Good, Do Good.

Eat up. Change the world.

Healthy food made simple.

Good food, Healthy food, World food.

Feeding a better world one veggie burger at a time

Healthy organic fast food.

We might be fast food, but we celebrate the slow food movement.

Make a difference, eat a green burger.

Organic Power.

Healthy food made simple.

Eat. Heal. Save the world.

Good food, Healthy food, World food.

Sustainable good time food

Think fast food. Think global warming. Think…

Burgers So Green They Can Save the Planet.

Fast and fresh food that’s good for you

Our food is ready for you.

Taste the best in your area.

Fast food for instant hunger.

The food quality matters.

What will you eat today?

Hot people like our hot recipes.

The best food is that which; is made from the heart.

Choose the best. Taste the best.

Our treat is like our food. Both are good.

Make your mood good with our food.

You will finish our fast-food fast.

Healthy food promotes happiness.

Eat from our restaurant because it is different.

You run on food.

Time to enjoy our food.

Taste our burgers. They taste great.

Our food will make you happy.

Our recipe is chief, and the cost is cheap.

Fast your life with our fast food.

Our restaurant is for those who are passionate about food.

Eat it eagerly.

It’s so good the food speaks Italian.

Our burritos will change you

So easy, it’s Mexican

Tex-Mex. Fast & Fresh.

Bigger isn’t always better.

Big Flavor. Fast.

Tacos you can feel good about.

Changing the world one burrito at a time.

A big burrito for a little world.

Make every bite count

Don’t dream it. Eat it.

Taste the world without leaving your chair.

Tacos you can feel good about.

Hot, Cool, Crunchy

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