70+ Slogans on Zero Hunger

Hunger should kick the can!

Don’t be rude, donate some food.

A Handful of Dough…A Heart-full Of Hope.

beat hunger

Do end hunger now.

Fight for what matters.

Food for All – Peace on Earth.

Food for Everyone.

Food Justice: Enough to Go Round!

Go away… hunger.

zero hunger

No one should be hungry

Together we can solve hunger

Help hunger disappear

Step by step together we can solve hunger

Experience Hunger and Share the Food

Fight Hunger in This World of Plenty

start sharing

Draw the line on hunger

No Justice When Half the World Is Hungry!

Fight for what matters

Stop Hunger: Start Sharing!

Food Is Not Even a Need, It’s A Must!

Let’s All Eat Something Today, I Mean All of Us.

project everyone

Feed the poor

Start sharing

Don’t leave people starving

Share what you got

Do not promote hunger

Wasting food is a sin

please stop

Say no to food wastage

World hunger is a curse on the entire humanity

Food unites and liberates

Food for all hope for all

Hunger is a disgrace to society

Fight hunger build future


Food conservation is a responsibility

Each step for eliminating global hunger

Feed the ones starving

Avoid food wastage

Hunger: 1, humanity: 0

Let hunger die not the hungry


An ounce of hope

Hunger is a pain that is hard to bear

Wasting food takes lives

Stop wasting food stop killing

With hunger comes evil

None deserves to be in hunger

make everyday no food wastage day

Share your holiday bread

Help with a meal, Hunger they feel

We hunger for justice!

Let’s get to the end of hunger together

Fight for what matters.

Have confidence, End Hunger


No sleeping hungry

Conserve today to consume tomorrow

Let’s win over child hunger

Hang up on hunger.

Go With the Grain.

Share a piece of bread and make a friend

stomachs are empty

Your duty is to feed

Let’s leave hunger speechless

Food, Fuel For Faith

Feeding children is like feeding the future.

Food brings about good mood.

Got food? Then share.

Give what you can.

Take a bite out of hunger.

Bread for Every Breath

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