50+ Unique Equal Pay Slogans

The wage gap exists.

Every worker deserves it.

Equal pay is fair to pay.

1 gender equality

Know your fair pay at work.

Why pay less when the work is the same?

Pay isn’t subjective

Stop the wage gap by race and gender.

No more pay cuts.

Devaluation gender pay gap

Justice everywhere, equal pay always.

Embrace a woman with love, respect and equal pay

Speak up, when they ask for salary.

It’s never overacting to ask for what you want

It’s not cool to get less wage.

Equal pay

Don’t expect that women must earn less than men

Equal pay is fair to pay

Support equal pay

Getting Equally Pay Matters

Inequality is expensive.

Equal pay 1

Why always all the work and half the pay?

Stop the devaluation of feminized jobs.

Know your fair pay at work

Sexism is not a side issue.

Wage gap is wide.


You are not weak , fight for yourself.

Equality is the basis of humanity.

No space for exploitation

Clean your mind of Can’t.

Paycheck fairness act.

Feminist vector

Close the gap.

No more pay cuts.

A woman’s place is everywhere.

Ain’t no revolution without women.

Leave them if they are paying you wrong.

Gender equality quotes simple poster

Be strong, fight for it

Diversity, equality, unity

Payment isn’t biased, the payer is.

Pay them equal to make them smile.

Empower the women, develop the nation.

Equal pay 3

Woman creates life, why still without rights?

Women are great, learn to appreciate

A beautiful woman is the one who can fight for their own.

Woman are more than just bodies.

Sisters unite and fight for your right.

Know her worth

Give them what they deserve

They have heartbeat too, give them equal pay.

Pay isn’t subjective.

No more pay cuts.

Force your government to pass the paycheck fairness act.

Mind the gap

Men of quality do not fear equality

How long must women wait for justice?

Her story is more important than history.

Every worker deserves it.

Don’t expect that women must earn less than men.

Hear me roar

A woman can do anything that the man can.

I am a feminist; what’s your power?

Guns don’t kill people, discrimination does.

Gender equality is a human fight, not a female fight

Equal Pay, Equal Time.

Every day is equal pay day

Let’s make the gender wage gap extinct.

Income differences men women

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