70+ Computer Safety

Prevent a jam, don’t open spam.

Prevent despair, get antivirus software.

Safe Operators are Smooth Operators.

Computer Safety5

Software that can think.

Spyware is a Nightmare, show you care, Be aware.

Technology you can trust.

The Power to Be Your Best.

To prevent a drastic call, Install a firewall.

Computer Safety4

To prevent a nightmare, be away from Spyware.

Keep the virus away

Get it serviced

Junk doesn’t belong here

Look out for the malware

Computer Safety1

Clean it or lose it

Keep it covered

Don’t let the system slow down

Caution is important

Handle with care

Computer Safety2

Get the anti-virus renewed

Peace, love, and cheerleading. The rest is just details.

It’s time to make us proud

I got spirit! Yes, I do! How about you?

Intensity is not a perfume

Computer Safety3

You have a mission to win

Eleven players, one mission

Activate your beast mode

You win, when you play as one

Believe it and achieve it

You are champion today

Show them that it’s your day

Play hard, and it’s your time

Dedication+ hardwork= success

Hustle hit and win

Go with the team

Going together is the wise option

If everyone is moving forward, then success will take care of itself

In union, there is a strength

You are wise if you go together

Individually you are a drop, but together you will make an ocean

It’s amazing if you play in teamwork

Victory wins the unity

What your teammates can do is amazing

Coming together is a beginning

Fight together die together

In union, there is a strength

You will be amazed to see what teamwork can do

Prevent a jam, don’t open spam

To prevent a drastic call, Install a firewall

If they email you asking for cash, be sure to throw it in the trash.

Computer problems you can avoid, so you don’t have to get paranoid.

If they email you asking for Money, Say no thanks I won’t fall for it honey.

Prevent despair, get antivirus software

An unknown sender may be a pretender.

For your computer to run for a long time.

An anti-virus software prevents anything unfair.

In Windows, you must trust. Updating it is a must.

Malware is a nightmare.

Shoulder surfers can make you suffer.

Be wary of scammers.

Avoid spilling food and drink on your computers.

Virtual keyboards are your real virtual friends.

File sharing sites are free, but they have viruses you cannot see.

Be aware. Do not leave your private information on public computers.

Do not open a spam. Your computer can jam.

Tactfully handle cyber attacks.

Get a firewall to stop your computer’s downfall.

If you do not give your computer a fix, your data may be at risk.

Trust reliable technology from reliable companies.

Let your computer run smoothly.

A cloud is the best. Safe, smart and secure.

Dust is a big enemy to computer hardware.

So that your computer runs for ages to come.

If you care then avoid spyware.

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