40+ Idaho Slogans

Famous Potatoes

Gem of the Mountains

Great Potatoes, Tasty Destinations

Slogans On Idaho1

Hi there! Want a Potato? Wait. Stop. Where are You Going?

Hot Potato

Idaho? No U Da Ho!

land of Famous Potatoes

More Than Just Potatoes

Slogans On Idaho2

No Udaho

Potatoes and … Well … That’s About It

Proud to say I Da Ho

Spud State

You Want a Potato? Yeah, I Think We Can Help You Out with That

Slogans On Idaho3

You had us at potatoes

There’s more to Idaho

It is not just about potatoes

Idaho, a gem of a state

Tasty potatoes and great destinations

Slogans On Idaho4

The potato state

The peaks in Idaho

There’s always time for a potato dish at Idaho

Life peaks with the peaks of Idaho

The state of the spud

Saw tooth, Smith, Snake, a break to live

Stanley, Warm and the warmth of the city

Williams, the lake shines the peeps

Salmon delights the denizens

Idaho Power and the pride and prejudice

Rocky Mountain Power, showers the hope

California National Historic Trail

City of Rocks, preserves the city

Craters of the Moon, wrapped the history on arms

To preserve in, to live in

Hagerman Fossil Beds, sheds the human kind

Lewis and Clark, and the seventh heaven

Minidoka, mother of flora and fauna

Nez Perce dazzled with flow of nature

Oregon, the real Orion

Yellowstone makes the state king stone

Pacific, ocean of the beauty

Bear, notion of the State

Camas, devotion of the nature

Deer Flat, hats and the shining bars

Frank Church – land of spiritually

River of No Return, The state returned on earth

Grays, midway and beautiful days in Idaho

Kootenai, raised rays of hope In Idaho

Minidoka is the virtue in Idaho

Bear, shouts the fear in the state

Bureau, to live in beauty of sea and snow

Castle, vassals in the boat of hope

City of Rocks, the kingdom classy folks

Coeur d’Alene, pre do minable genes

Dworshak, have some fancy snacks

Eagle, and the classy people to mingle

Farragut, dazzling music, nights in hot hats

Harriman in the fairy land

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