90+ Catchy and Unique Slogans On Poverty

Take poverty as a condition, not as a destiny!

Poverty is not a curse, it is just a condition.

If poverty can be generated, it can be finished too.

worst form of voilence

In today’s world, being poor is expensive.

Promote education to eliminate poverty from all over the nation.

Poverty is not a curse; it is just a condition and can be removed completely!

Keep your coins, we want change.

Poverty is dangerous to the success of any nation.

A nation cannot develop if it has poverty!


Let’s pledge together to make our nation a poverty free nation.

Poverty restrains the development in the country.

Education is an effective solution to poverty.

Live simply so others may simply live.

Only education can change poverty into property.

For a good deed, help the one in need


Poverty can destroy a nation without using any weapon.

Poverty gives rise to many social issues in a nation.

Poverty hinders the growth of a nation.

Unlike destiny, poverty can be defeated

Poverty is a weapon of mass destruction.

Poverty is not a curse, it is just a condition.


Poverty is the mother of crimes.

Fight poverty, not the poor

Poverty is the only burden that is not lightened by sharing with others.

Poverty weakens the nation economically.

Stop robbing the poor of their rights

Promote education to eliminate poverty from all over the nation.

worst form of death

Take poverty as a condition, not as a destiny.

How strange, nobody wants to cross-range to fight poverty. It’s time to unite as poverty isn’t our right.

Through education poverty can be changed to property.

We all can do more to help the poor.

We need to hit so that poverty can quit.

Don’t ignore people, simply because they’re poor; help them.

overcoming poverty

We should always defeat poverty but not a poor!

We should help each and every poor to make poverty helpless.

Who have you helped today.

Education is that the basic got to remove poverty.

You shouldn’t ignore just because you are poor.

Put an end to poverty

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Poverty isn’t a birthright, it can always be get ridden of

The only medicine to cure poverty is education

With poverty, prevails evil.

A nation cannot prosper when people are still sleeping in hunger

Poverty not only takes away freedom but also childhood from a child

A child’s eyes should reflect happiness and dreams, not hunger and difficulties


The powerful is money hungry and the poor go to bed hungry

Stop poverty, stop over-consuming

No development when half the nation is hungry

Overthrow the ones who exploit the poor

Sometimes you are hungry but there’s someone always starving, somewhere

Let us be able to afford a good life; all of us!


Got excess of everything? Start sharing

Do end poverty now

Worries reduce faster when there’s food to eat and a shelter to stay

It is not the time to sit back and debate

Get rid of the people who exploit poor not the ones suffering

Support the poor, not the powerful

fight poverty

Pledge for equal distribution

It is the time to fight, are you contributing?

Look down upon the ones over-consuming, not the poor

Discard anyone who uses the poor for their gain

Giving money to the poor will not eradicate poverty, education will

Help the poor to rise, not the ones already in power

save poor

Poverty not only kills desire but also the will to put effort

Children need to worry about their homework, not about putting food on their own plate.

Empty stomachs want food, not political tactics

The time for outrage is now

It is the duty of a privileged person to give a helping hand

Poverty isn’t a mere condition, but a cruel murderer


Make your choice: underdevelopment or educated nation?

The only weight a child should carry is of books, not of bricks

Children are to learn, not earn

Childhood isn’t for sale, provide a helping hand today

Listen to the cries of people calling for help.

Poverty makes a nation hollow from inside.

slogans on poverty

Education is the only weapon to defeat poverty.

Poverty makes people weak in all dimensions.

Education is the only weapon to win over poverty.

How strange, no one wants to cross-range to fight poverty.

Poverty is not a curse but it has power to down the development in a nation.

It’s time to unite as poverty is not our right.

Education is the only medicine for poverty.

Poverty restricts the development of a country.


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