100+ Catchy Slogans Against War

War is destruction

Don’t glorify it

Preach peace

War Is Costly. Peace Is Priceless.

Don’t be a warmonger

Every life counts

Kill your bloodlust

Be pro-life

War kills millions

War Is Always A Mistake. 575x431

War brings poverty

War destroys nations

All humans bleed red.

Another nationalist for peace.

Because no other philosophy is more valuable than human lives.

To Reach Peace Teach Peace. 575x431

We want peace.

The anti-war world we demand.

It’s your ego that creates wars and that is not our problem.

War-free world what we want.

We want a better future for our children, not wars.

There Is No Path To Peace – Peace Is The Path. 575x431

Plants not bullets.

We do peace works.

How many innocent lives more?

Make peace, not war.

In this world full of wars, battles, and fighting; peace is just a word.

Stop War Slogans

Use your brains, not bombs.

The world needs peace, not wars.

Bring me back my child. Can you?

I lost my family in the war. Hope your ego is satisfied now.

Peace is not something that you can buy, but you can make it.

Slogans On Anti War6

What wrong did our children do?

You create wars. You are safe, not us.

Wars make no profit.

War- a weapon of disaster.

War is costly. Peace is priceless.

Slogans On Anti War4

Skip the War, Start the Peace Now.

Violence breeds violence. Let’s breed peace.

There never was a good war or a bad peace.

Rich Man’s War, Poor Man’s Blood.

Smart Bombs Don’t Justify Dumb Leaders.

Slogans On Anti War3

You cannot justify war.

Wars last for a century.

Stand against the war.

Protect your children. Say no to war.

It’s now or never.

Slogans On Anti War2

Drop sweat, not blood.

Stand for the change you want.

Peace needs a chance.

We are better than this.

Make peace, not war.

Slogans On Anti War1

War Sucks

Drop sweat, not blood.

Hold pens to your child’s hand, not a gun.

War affects the entire world.

War is failure

Slogans For Anti War4

Drop Pants, not bombs

Teach Peace – It’s Not Academic.

I Prefer Men Out of Uniform

Cut war, not welfare

Use your brains, not bombs.

Slogans For Anti War3

The world needs peace, not wars.

Just say no to war

We do peace works.

War is a lack of imagination.

Bring smiles to the faces of the children, not tears.

Slogans For Anti War1

War Is A Dick Thing, Peace Is A Heart Thing

Sweat is better than blood.

No more War, No more lies

There’s nothing fair about warfare

There never was a good war or a bad peace

Say No To War7

I Prefer Men Out of Uniform.

We don’t want your sympathy. We want peace.

You Can’t Domesticate Violence.

War is not the solution.

Mobilize against the war

Say No To War5

Love peace, not war.

War is expensive, Peace is Precious.

War is so last century.

Say no to war, say it to all

War can never be won

Say No To War3

It’s now or never.

Born with love, die with love.

Protect your children. Say no to war.

Stop war, no more killings

Another nationalist for peace.

Peace Is Our Gift To Each Other.

War, good for absolutely nothing

You create wars. You are safe, not us.

Make love, not War

It’s our world, not your battlefield.

Peace not horror.

Make Love Not War 575x383

Maybe you don’t care about others’ lives but we do.

Peace- support it.

Peace is the solution, not war.do people

War is just a fake term they use to bring peace.

When you fight darkness with darkness, darkness always wins.

I Have Not Yet Begun To Fight Sq113 575x393

Fight against the darkness.

Let us bring light and save lives.

I don’t understand why people make wars to show that killing is wrong.

“We want peace,” they say and make wars.

Best Slogans For Anti War4

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