70+ Slogans on Organ Donation

Let’s share our life with others.

Come ahead and take part in saving lives.

No caste – No bar – save lives – donate organs.

Organ Donation

Let your life go on in someone’s body

Let someone appreciate you and thank you.

Please, donate your organs.

Let someone thank you

Donate life – Donate organ

Save a life afterlife

A second chance is in your hands

You will live on even after you are gone. Take a simple step, donate your organ.

Organa Donation

A second chance is in your hands

Let someone thank you

Give even after you are done living

Privileged? Share it

Donating is a choice, a healthy one

Eight people are looking up to you

Give your heart, literally!

Donate life with a little love

Organ Donor

Save a life with a transplant today

You can save a life, step forward today

Got love? Don’t just give, donate it!

Not all heroes wear capes! They donate

Gift someone the gift of life

You can buy things, but not organs! Donate

Save and heal, donate today

Leave a part of you with someone

Organ Donationonly Takes A Little Love

Waste needs to be recycled, so do your organs!

Be of help even after your death

Let someone love with the heart you have

Life must go on. Donate your organs

Take memories to the grave, not your organs

Support Organ Donation Across Our Great Nation.

Organ Donation: Life Goes On.

In the long run, donate your organs to someone.

Healthy Heart Final Jpg

Let someone see through your eyes what you have seen

All it cost is a little love.

Could you be a living donor?

Life is a gift. Pass it on.

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.

One donor can save or heal.

One organ donor can save eight lives.

Recycle Organs, Not Just Coke Cans.

Eye Donation

Relay The Message On Organ Donation.

Save a life, it’s why we run.

Share Your Life. Share Your Decision.

When at last everyone dies, why not donate your eyes?

Donate your organs, you can’t take them with you.

I would donate whatever anybody would take.

Organ donation is the kindest donation this world needs right now.

Be a symbol of hope for those who are waiting

Donate Organs

Let your organs find a new home

Take memories to the grave, not your organs

Make miracles happen, donate today

It is not only a doctor’s duty to save lives but ours too. Donate organs

Relay the message on organ donation.

Support organ donation across our great nation.

Organ donation. Sign up today!

Want to leave behind something? Let it be your organs

Giving a second change of life is in your hands.

Be a champion, be an organ donor.

Support organ donation across the nation.

Let your life go on in someone’s body

Put yourself for recycling

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