120+ Anti Drug Slogans

Drugs Ruin Lives.

Wasted? So Is Your Life.

There Is No Hope In Dope.

Slogans On Anti Drug6

Death and Drugs are best friends.

Family is better than drugs.

Mama cries when your brain fries.

Drug users die slowly.

Anti Drug Posters And Slogans

It’s not cool to make yourself a fool.

A drug user is a loser.

I can eat bugs but not drugs!

Quit and live like a Lion

Anti Drug Slogans1

Stop today – Live tomorrow.

Heroes are drug-free!

Keep calm & Stop Cocaine.

Drug users are real-life losers.

Anti Drug Slogans2

Use your brain, don’t fry it.

Get high on grades, not drugs.

It’s not you when you do drugs!

Cool kids don’t do drugs.

Anti Drug Slogans3

You don’t love Mama when you drug.

Smoking meth leads to a slow painful death.

The use of dope brings no hope.

Drugs? No! I am smart.

Anti Drug Slogans4

Weed is for wimps.

Drugs: You use, you lose.

Drugs make you slugs

Drugs: A grave mistake

Anti Drug Slogans6

Give hugs not drugs

The drug kills a man’s skills

Drugs ruin your life

Users are losers!

Anti Drug Slogans7

Life is short with drugs

Think about your family

Anyone can get addicted

Drugs are like a knife that kills your entire life

Anti Drug Slogans. Dont Let Drugs Keep You From Your Dreams

Drugs take your future

The drug is a poison, that kills your ambition

When you take drugs, your loved ones pay for it

DEAD: Drugs End All Dreams

Anti Drug Slogans. Drugs Are A Death Trap.

Drugs take your future to the dark

Drugs are bad, and your mom will get mad

It’s no lie, drugs will make your mama cry

Roses are red, violets are blue,

Anti Drug Slogans For Kids

I hate drugs, how about you?

Drugs gave me wings to fly,

but they took away my blue sky

Slam and dunk, drugs are junk

Choose To Refuse

Drugs cost you more than just money

Take a stand, for a drug-free land

Peer Pressure Is The Only Pressure That Can’t Make Diamonds.

Giving In To Drugs Is Giving Up On Your Future.


One Puff And Poof! You’re Wasted.

Dreams Don’t Come True In A Sniff.

If It’s Addicting, It’s Not Life-Changing.

The Future Awaits, Don’t Let Drugs Cloud Your Way.

Drug Free1

If The Mind Is Clouded, The Eyes Can’t See The Future Ahead.

Getting High Will Only Drag You Down.

Don’t Be High, Just Say “Hi!”

Cope Safely, Don’t Do Drugs.

Drug Free2

Don’t Let Drugs Control You When You’re In Control of Your Future.

Coffee Can Keep You Awake Too.

Weed-out Drugs, You’re Successful.

Weed Less, Work More.

Drug Free3

Aim High but Don’t Be High.

Be a Workaholic, Not a Drug Addict.

Consume Working Hours, not Leisure Drugs.

Drugging for One Time Will Ruins Your Lifetime.

Drug Free4

You Don’t Need To Be High To Cheer Up.

Drugs Put the Word “Less” Next To Hope.

Don’t be Insane, Don’t Smoke Mary Jane.

Too Much Mary Jane Will Drive You Insane.

Drug Free5

Drugs Are Not Dope, They Can’t Help You Cope.

Be A Hero, Be Drug Zero.

Save Your Job, Save Yourself.

Weed Takes Everything You Need.

Drug Free6

Drugs Will Take Your Job If You Want Stop.

Look For Opportunities, Not Drugs.

Drug Addiction is Not The Key To Life Perfection.

Don’t Drug Your Dreams Away.

Drug Free Posters

Drugs Are Not Your Boss, Don’t Let It Dictate You.

Be Smart. Don’t Start.

Crack Is Whack.

Don’t Let Drugs Own You.

Drugs Affect More Than Just You 575x383

Drugs Drag You Down.

Dreams come true when you quit drugs.

Drug Users can’t hang with me.

Too Cool For Drugs.

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Be proud to be drug-free.

Get high on reading books.

Don’t approach the roach.

Drug-free is for me.

Its Up To Me 575x383

Family, friends, and drugs can’t live together.

I have a life full of problems, it’s because of drugs.

When you blow, you just go.

Just trash the stash.

No To Drugs Posters

It’s Not Pleasurable If It’s Meant To Ruin Your Life.

See Through The Smokes, It’s Not Good For You.

If It Costs Your Future, Don’t Play With Your Present.

Whoever Told You Drugs Is Fun Lives A Miserable Life Already.

Proud To Be Drug Free 575x383

Drugs Are Not Hearing Aid, You Are Heard Even Without It.

The Way Out Looks Like The Way In, Be Careful.

Turn Your Back On Drugs And Face Your Dreams.

The Only Thing You Should Be Addicted To Is Success.

Put That Stash In The Trash. 336x500

You Are Bound For Success If You Are Bound To Not Do Drugs.

If You Take Drugs, It Will Takes Your Life.

There’s Nothing Pleasurable About Being Miserable.

Drugs Are Not Friends, They’re Traitors.

Reach For The Stars Not Drugs 575x431

Fight Back, You Can Resist This!

Life thrives when don’t drink and drive.

We can’t hang out, you are high.

Don’t drink, read a book.

Say No To Drug1

Choose me or Drugs.

Drugs are not for me.

You don’t need heroin to be a hero.

Get high on helping others, not killing yourself.

Say No To Drug2

Quitting is easy.

Drug users have no future.

Read a book instead of drugs.

Rethink before drinking.

Slogans On Anti Drug2

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