60+ Catchy Slogans Against Ragging

Ragging is not an ice-breaker.

Ragging is a crime, condemned by the nation.

Spread the word for anti-ragging.

Be a buddy

Ragging does not break the ice, it breaks lives, careers and families!

Let us all join the anti-ragging squad.

Ragging free campus.

Punishment awaits.

Goodbye ragging.

No ragging

Anti-ragging is not just a movement, its a stance.

Be a change-maker! Make your campus Ragging-free!

Be the ideal senior.

Zero tolerance to ragging.

Ragging is never necessary!

Ragging is prohibited

Get high on life not on ragging.

A junior doesn’t deserve ragging.

Ragging comes with great consequences.

Stop ragging at every cost.

Break the ice, but not through ragging.

Reward is jail

If going to jail is your thing, then surely go for ragging.

East or West, ragging free zone is the best.

Start the change, stop ragging.

Ragging is not tolerable.

Rag today and your sibling will be ragged tomorrow.

Make them feel like family

Don’t let ragging be the path towards darkness.

A child’s life is above your sadistic pleasure.

Ragging is injurious to health.

Once a bully, always a bully.

Don’t even dare to rag.

Choice is yours

Brotherhood over ragging.

Stop being a mute witness.

Never push anyone into depression, for that is ragging all about.

Ragging in college ends up with rape at home

If you are a senior, then act like one.

Stop ragging

There’s no place for monsters who love ragging.

Ragging is worse than cancer.

If you want to rag, go rag yourself.

Pity the people who rag and support who are ragged.

Don’t take pride in your ragging.

Anti ragging 1

The trauma you give while ragging is never-ending

Ragging breaks life.

The necessity of ragging was never there.

Its time to quit ragging and start a better life.

College is for fun, not for ragging.

Ragging must be stopped

Ragging is not an escape route.

Ragging kills more than it was supposed to be.

The dead you ragged is not coming back.

The choice is yours, so are the consequences.

Ragging is the destruction of two futures at the same time.

Anti ragging 2

Anti-ragging: Live and let to live

Say no to ragging: It’s as easy as it sounds.

Ragging is the social evil we must defeat.

Behind every ragging is a sick mind.

The call for the days of ragging is over.

Ragging is a crime, reward is jail.

Abide by the rules.

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