70+ Treasurer Slogans

Reflections of the Past, Planning for the Future

We don’t just manage money…we manage people

Credit Unions are run by Members, not Managers

Treasurer Slogan1

My life is richer, my money’s smarter; I’m never overdrawn at my Credit Union

If It Doesn’t Make Dollars, It Doesn’t Make Cents.

If you want things done, Vote NAME for class treasure.

Improve your school, pick NAME as treasurer.

It all adds up to a more than the perfect candidate. Vote NAME for Treasurer.

It All Adds Up!

It Just Makes Cents!

Credit Unions Live Well; So Can You

The Poor Person’s Bank

where money is like an endless weekend

Treasurer Slogan2

Your Money Should Work as Hard as You Do

Our members give their first check every month to their credit union

Our Members Give Their First Check Every Month To Their Credit Union

A Credit Union is not like a bank; it’s like your neighbor!


Enriching lives through financial services

We Have The Right Stuff For You! Join Today!

It’s your choice if you want to save your money.

Keep Calm and Vote NAME for Treasurer.

Keep Your Money in Safe Hands, Vote for NAME.

Treasurer Slogan3

Let me treasure you.

It’s Your Community. We’re Just Here to Help.

Where You’re Only A Number When It Pays To Be One

A Lifetime of Money & Service…one member at a time

I want you to take care of me…that’s why I bank with you

People Helping People

I’ll work hard to make your money work for you.

Your vote is very important, so please don’t leave it up to chance.

The only thing I want from you is a ‘yes’ on November 6th.

I don’t hear the Voices. I am the Voice. Vote for NAME.

I Got 99 Problems But Counting Ain’t One.

I Only Stand For Excellence.

I will give you a change that makes cents.

I Will Mind Your Business.

You can trust me with your money because I’m not going anywhere.

‘Vote Yes’ doesn’t just mean voting in this election – it means voting yes on yourself and the future of our community.

I’m a treasurer and I approve of this message.

Elect me and I’ll take care of your money like it’s my own.

My name is _, and I can’t wait to be your Treasurer!

If you want the most experienced Treasurer in town, vote for me!

I am not a politician – I am a professional.

You deserve an honest conservative with experience managing money

I’m a treasurer and I approve this message.

For Success Choose The Best.

Free to vote NAME for class treasurer.

Gotta Lotta Student Council. Get NAME.

Guaranteed, No Shutdown.

Have no fear, let’s vote for NAME this year!

He’s Got The Skills To Pay The Bills.

Hey girls, I want you to Vote for NAME.

Hope for change, Vote for NAME.

I am good in counting so remember my name NAME.

I don’t always Vote but when I do it’s for NAME.

I Will Treasure Your Vote

I’d Treasure Being Treasurer.

Don’t waste a dime when I can stand the test of time.

Treasure your vote! Bank on me!

Don’t bank on the rest! Treasure only the best!

Every vote matters! Count on [Your name]!

Treasure your dime this time, vote for [your name]!

Worried about the amount! Get someone who can count.

I’m worth every vote.

We can do more things together.

The road to greatness.

Change starts with us.

Shine like a star!

The CENT-sible Choice.

As treasurer, I keep all treasure.

Complete financial security.

for Treasurer. It just makes cents.

It all starts with baby steps.

Leadership at its best.

Try not to be anxious, Vote generally advantageous

He’s Got The Skills To Pay The Bills.

Join the development.

One financial officer. One vote.

Pick a superior chief.

Continuously think ambitiously.

My mother says vote in favor of me.

Make the world a superior spot.

We are more grounded together.

It’s your decision assuming you need to set aside your cash.

The unparalleled decision.

I Will Treasure Your Vote

We stand together.

Poor monetary tracker? Forget about it!

Your safety is my top priority.

Let’s change the future.

Spend Your Vote Wisely!

Build a better history.

Always change for the better.

Safe financial transaction.

Bank On Me, And I’ll Treasure Your Vote.

Bring back hope.

Hey girls, I want you to Vote for the best.

We shall overcome all obstacles together.

Think of one. Act together.

Rock-solid. Rock steady.

Build one community.

With Your Money, I’ll Be Wise.

I can write your dreams if you give your vote.

Gotta Lotta Student Council.

Let’s work as one.

The future is in our hands.

You Can Bank On Me.

Effective role model.

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