80+ Unique Slogans On Autism

Love the differently-abled

Differently-abled, not disabled

It is not the end


Do not be ignorant

Love them a little more

They deserve the same attention

Working for a chance

Best Slogans On Autism1

Working towards a better cause

Different is not disabled

Love and acceptance

Autistics don’t demand a cure, they need care

Autism Awareness3

There’s no cure, therefore accept Autism

Autism doesn’t make me an Alien

Acceptance is a solution

Autism is a spectrum disorder

Autism Awareness4

Autistics have a distinct set of strengths and challenges

Autism is not a disease, it’s a disorder

Autism speaks, try to understand it

Intuit, Accept, respect

Autism Awareness5

Just because I can’t talk doesn’t mean I don’t understand.

Not being able to speak is not the same as not having anything to say.

Not fighting Autism, Working with it.

Solving the puzzle one piece at a time.

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Someone with Autism loves me.

Staring at me won’t cure anything.

Warning: I have an extra Chromosome and I know how to use it.

We live in your world but play in ours.

Autism That One Where Being Different Is What Vector 36122990

I have autism and I think you’re weird too

Autism is not contagious, ignorance is

Advocate Educate Love Accept

Autism Speaks Loudly to All That Listen

Best Slogans On Autism2

Autistic wants your attention

Advocate Educate Love Accept

Always Unique Truly Interesting Sometimes Memorable

Autistic and proud

Best Slogans On Autism3

Autism: Being Different can be a Good Thing

Listen to me, I have Autism

I love someone with Autism

I am not a puzzle, I am a person

Best Slogans On Autism5

Try to make your Autism patients comfortable.

Autism Doctor is always a way out of their comfort.

Your health is our main priority and responsibility.

Don’t try to judge us on others’ reviews in case of Autism.

Best Slogans On Autism6

Come and take a look around Autism patients.

Our hospital is far ahead of others in treating Autism.

We treat Autism patients like our own children.

Don’t go on to fake doctors in treating Autism.

Slogans On Autism1

Our Autism doctors are all professionals.

We got the best Autism doctors in town.

Mind games with Autism patients are not allowed here.

Anger is not good for Autism patient

Slogans On Autism3

Children are not aware of your Autism.

It will be better to stay calm in Autism.

Your health is more important than anything in Autism.

It’s not easy to quit Autism.

Slogans On Autism4

To get a solution to this is much more difficult than you think.

Get hold of your Autism when in a meeting.

First things first, care about your Autism.

It is very important to attend these meetings for your Autism.

Slogans On Autism6

Do you have the courage to change yourself in Autism?

There’s no cure, therefore accept Autism

Autism doesn’t make me an Alien

Acceptance is a solution

Slogans On Autism5

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