120+ Slogans on Energy Conservation

Don’t act fuelish. Save fossil fuels

Burn fossil fuels today, become a fossil tomorrow.

Save fuel, save money

each poerson makes a difference

When the Sun is bright, say no to tube light.

Energy efficiency begins at home.

Don’t pollute, cycle to commute!

The less you burn, the more you earn

Fuel which burns, never returns


Save fuel today, secure your tomorrow

Burn calories, not fossil fuels

Save Energy means Save Money

Rock your world by saving energy

Today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage


Misuse of Energy will require peace and synergy.

You can save energy.

Please don’t give any explanation; turn off the fan when you do not use it.

Turn off when you don’t need light.

Secure or die both depend on saving energy.


Switch off the plug, and it will give you a feel of smug.

Please do not be a fool, save the fuel.

Please be wise while using and please stop misusing.

The power to save is all around you

It would be best if you chose not to maltreat. Save energy.


The less you burn, the more you earn

You have the power today, to change tomorrow.

You can’t live without it, save it

Energy saved today is asset for future

Save energy, make it a habit

shut it off

Take control of your energy bills

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Save power and carry on

Conservation: It doesn’t cost. It saves

The one thing that burns never returns

save yourself

Think. Act. Save

For your better tomorrow, save energy today.

Turn off the lights, wasting electricity bit

Save Today – Survive Tomorrow

Energy saved is Energy Generated.

save today survive tomorrow

Be polite. Turn off the light

Today’s wastage is tomorrow’s shortage

A drop of oil burnt, is a bucket of glacier melted

Don’t add fuel to the fire of Global Warming

Conservation, not Deprivation.


Conservation: It doesn’t cost. It saves.

Conserve to Preserve.

Don’t be Fuelish!

Energy misused cannot be excused

Kill your energy bill

save energy.jpg

Energy is future, make it bright

Do what’s right. Turn off the light

Save energy to save humankind on earth

Waste Not. Wanna Lot

Make energy conservation a worldwide motivation

save a watt

Do the Earth a favor. Be a power saver

Save energy and save earth for your future generations

Flick the switch

Energy is the most vital resource, just save it

Conservation, not Deprivation


Manage energy usage to retain happiness in future

Don’t switch on the light when outside is bright

Energy is to life

Saving energy saves you money

Follow all the possible rules to save energy


You will not be excused for your energy misuse

Save energy before it’s too late

It’s an energy thing, you wouldn’t understand

Energy conserved is energy produced

Save energy save money, save planet save life!

environment-slogan-ecosystem-restoration (1)

Save energy to save mother earth

There is no excuse for energy misuse

Turn off the light for future delight

Save energy or die!

Conserve energy to preserve future


Energy earns or simply burns, choice is yours

Saving energy is easy, at home & at work

Imagine life without energy – Save Energy

Conserve energy and make life better, cooler & brighter

The answer to a brighter better awesome future? CONSERVATION

energy is scarced

You have the Power to Conserve

Be polite. Turn off the light

The less you burn, the more you earn

Save Today – Survive Tomorrow

Pull the plug and you’ll feel smug.


Save energy, save the world

Conserve energy, achieve synergy

Please be wise, Misuse of energy can make you compromise.

Think to Preserve energy to conserve life on earth.

Please be kind but don’t forget to turn off the light.

energy conservation

Conserve energy to preserve the future.

Save energy, save a life!

Save energy decrease the level of global warming.

Conserve today. Use tomorrow.



Know Energy Conservation, No Monetary Loss.

Energy efficiency is a journey, not a destination.

Energy saved is energy produced.

Energy efficiency begins at home.

Recycle your waste, save energy, conserve resources and preserve the nature of the world.

Don’t take a car, if it’s not that far

Walk to school, it’s super cool


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