20+ Slogans on Anemia

Always there for you and your Anaemia in this regard.

Eat Iron. Kick anaemia.

Iron, where ever you go


All you need is iron

Hospital is there for Anaemia

Never disrespect a nurse or an Anaemia

Stay strong like Iron

Our reputation for Anaemia speaks more than us.

Iron, it’s in the meat

Anaemia isn’t run by us you know.

Iron, an inspiration

We got the professionals in our hospital for your Anaemia.


An Anaemia doctor is not your slave.

Iron for you

Your Anaemia health is our top priority as you know that.

Heal yourself from Anaemia.

Caring and kindness are all an Anaemia patient requires.

Our hospital is much more advance than others in treating Anaemia.

Be strong like Iron

Iron, The blood thing

Go far with Iron

Iron deficient? Anaemia is near.

Eat Iron – Kick anaemia.

Give me iron or I’ll rust!

stop anemia

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