50+ Slogans on Overpopulation

Use a lid to have just one kid.

Overpopulation leads to Overexploitation

More people=less open space.


Keep one or two which is good for you.

If you want more than two children, adopt

It’s a small world after all

Keep one or two which is good for you.


Overpopulation leads to Frustration

Don’t have more kids than you can carry

Overpopulation: Too much of a good thing can be bad

Two is a company, Threes a crowd

use a lid

Birth control is the only moral choice.

Focus and population to fight poverty and literacy.

If you want more than two children, adopt.

Population explosion leads to starvation.


If you want more than two children, adopt.

Deciding not to have kids is not selfish, it’s sensible.

Overpopulation is more dangerous than an atom bomb that will surely burst in the future.

We are not just here to procreate.


Control overpopulation to remain away from starvation.

Overpopulation is the reason for less space and less food.

Earth is our home; keep it clean, happy, and less crowded.

Earth is the only known planet to live on, let it be spacious.


Focus on the population to fight poverty and illiteracy.

Reduce the crowd over earth for a better future.

Reduce the population and empower women.

Save the earth from overexploitation caused by overpopulation.


Save the earth from population explosion.

Two people make a company but three people a crowd.

Use family planning tips and measures to have a small family.

World Population Day is aware to raise voices against overpopulation.

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