60+ Best Slogans Against Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery.

Stolen people, stolen dreams

Humans – not for sale.


Human Trafficking Steals People’s Lives.

Families Belong Together.

Hear My Plea, Set Them Free.

This could be your daughter. Stop Human Trafficking.


End the Misery, Stop Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a criminal offense.

Human trafficking violates human rights.

Humility is our acceptance of ourselves.


Move hearts, not the humans.

Put the RIGHT back into Rights.

Together, we combat child trafficking.

Stopping Human Trafficking is our mission!


No-one Can Own Anyone.

Don’t Be Cruel And Cold, Humans Should Not Be Sold.

Truth Be Told, Humans Should Not Be Sold

Don’t steal people’s lives.

not for sale

Human Trafficking and Forced Prostitution go hand in hand.

People- promises for the future or property for the few?

People are not the only inhabitants on Earth, we just act like it.

Big and small, human rights is for all.


Human rights are not optional.

Being Used Leaves A Soul bruised.

Contribution is Participation.

Humanity is on the march, don’t let Earth be left behind.

Human Trafficking, Society Cracking

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